Media Relations and Media Training Protect your brand. Control the story.

Developing relationships with local, regional, national and trade media outlets has been the backbone of the Pantano & Associates team’s experience for nearly 20 years. From the pages of your daily newspaper to broadcast evening news, we know our way around a newsroom.

When the cameras are rolling and the microphones are on, you have a tremendous opportunity to skillfully articulate your company’s position. Our team can help you create and identify opportunities to highlight your organization and the work you are doing. We can also help you respond to media inquiries and other developments in a way that positively promotes and protects your brand.

Dealing with the media and speaking in public forums takes a level of comfort and mental agility that most often comes only through preparation, practice and repetition. For this reason, Pantano & Associates also provides comprehensive media training services. How do you give a non-answer answer? How do you deflect loaded questions? How do you control the interview so the reporter does not control you? These are just some of the questions that Pantano & Associates’ media training program is designed to help participants think about and know how to answer.